• Can I record my voice and my interviewee's voice separately?
      Yes, we allow you to record your and your interviewee's voices as separate tracks with our recording feature. However, we strongly recommend wearing headphones for the best experience. 
  • Can I record my Google Meet call with Podcastle?
      Yes, you can record any browser-based meeting using our Recording tool. Just select your meeting tab, and Podcastle will record the audio from it. 
  • What is the recording quality of Podcastle?
      At Podcastle, we guarantee a high-resolution online recording quality with uncompressed, lossless Wav format. 
  • Where can I find sound effects or music clips for my podcasts? Are they for free?
      Find the Open Library icon on the upper left corner: here is where you will find all the music clips, sound effects, and your downloaded files. We provide an extensive library of royalty-free music and effects, which you can use absolutely for free.   
  • What if I downgrade my subscription plan? Will I lose my already used AI voice skins?
      For the already generated clips, your AI voice skins will remain. Although you won't be able to create new audio clips with the premium AI voice skins, the ones you have saved in your previous projects will be yours for a lifetime.
  • Can I share my podcast online?
      Yes! If you don't want to export your audio file, you can easily share it online. With the Copy Player Link feature that stands on the upper right corner above your workspace, you can copy the online link of your podcast and share it with your friends. 
  • Can I stop recording and continue to record it later?
        Of course! Podcastle automatically saves all of your changes on the Cloud so that you can leave your draft anytime and come back to it once ready to continue your work.
  • What happens if I reach my limit?
      If you have reached your limit of text to speech conversions, transcriptions, or AI revoicing, you will no longer be able to practice them. If you want to continue using them, you need to upgrade. At Podcastle, we don't charge extra money from you without notifying you.  
  • Do I need a credit card to try Podcastle?
      No, the free version of Podcaslte does not require credit card credentials. You'll only need a credit card when upgrading to our Storyteller, Podcastle Pro, or Enterprise plans.   
  • Do you offer a free trial, and how long is it? 
      Instead of a free trial, we offer a free version of Podcastle with some limitations on transcription, text-to-speech converter, voice skins, and magic dust features.    However, we still give you unlimited projects and content publishing ability along with all of our other main tools. You can familiarize yourself with our pricing packages here. 
  • What does the Magic Dust do? 
      Magic Dust isolates your voice and enhances the speech by removing the background noise, applying an equalizer, and making your track sound like a professionally post-processed audio file. You can use the Magic Dust feature with just a click.
  • How to allow microphone access on chrome, while using Podcastle
    1) Click on the lock sign next to the website’s URL. 2) Toggle the microphone access button3) Close the settings4) Reload the page
  • How do I start a project on Podcastle? 
      Once logged into your Podcastle account, click on New Project and start creating your project by choosing one of our three options: Record, Upload, or Revoice.

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